Risen has teamed up with GoodWe and One Stop Warehouse to supply a solar panel system to Saving Animals from Euthanasia (SAFE), a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation in Karratha, Western Australia.

Recognising the impact COVID-19 had on communities and businesses, a joint donation campaign was organised late 2020 to nominate a business that would benefit from solar Energy.

The companies selected SAFE, nominated by Cheeditha Energy, as the donation recipient as they were attracted to the organisation’s mission, in particular their work in assisting individuals find companionship by connecting them with a pet. SAFE’s work has proven important especially during COVID-19, as Australians had to endure feelings of isolation, and significant mental and emotional distress due to the pandemic.

As part of the project, which was completed late April, Risen donated 36 Jaeger 370W panels, GoodWe donated a GW10KT-DT three-phase inverter and One Stop Warehouse coordinated the campaign with installation performed by Cheeditha Energy.

SAFE’s Founder, Sue Hedley, said that the significant cost savings due to the installation of a solar system will allow them to carry on saving the lives of animals and humans alike.

“It’s hard to find big enough words to get across the gratitude SAFE has to Risen, One Stop Warehouse, GoodWe and Cheeditha Energy for their generous support to a struggling animal rescue service,” Ms Hedley said. 

“The amount of money that will be saved using solar powered energy in a place where the sun is constantly shining is exponential.”

Eric Lee, General Manager of Risen Energy Australia, said it was important to work together and achieve good outcomes for local organisations such as SAFE because the work they do for the community deserves rewarding.

“Risen Energy Australia is proud to work with professionals like GoodWe, One Stop Warehouse and Cheeditha Energy to deliver projects for the community’s benefit and we hope to identify further organisations to similarly support in the future,” Mr Lee said.

CEO of Cheeditha Energy, Brigette McDowell, also expressed her gratitude and added, “On behalf of the Karratha community, we would like to share our deep gratitude to Risen, One Stop Warehouse and Goodwe for their donation and coordination of a 10kW solar system.

“SAFE will see a dramatic decrease in power bills, money that will now go towards furthering their incredible cause.”

Dean Williamson, Country Manager of GoodWe Australia, said that it was nice to see that other organisations were also willing to step up and that for GoodWe, giving back to the Australian community in 2021 is a priority. 

“We acknowledge the devastating impact of COVID-19 on both businesses and individuals and feel a deep responsibility to do a small part to help address this.”

Andy Cheng, Head of Product and Marketing at One Stop Warehouse said, “We are proud to stand together with our partners who believe in making a positive difference during these uncertain, ever-changing times.” 

Mr Cheng added that he hopes more companies in the solar industry will come together and deliver similar initiatives.

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