National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), CSIRO, Australian Hydrogen Council and Future Fuels CRC have collaborated to produce the second HyResource report, providing an overview of what’s happening in Australia’s hydrogen industry.

HyResource: A Short Report on Hydrogen Industry Policy Initiatives and the Status of Hydrogen Projects in Australia, includes comprehensive information on key hydrogen-related organisations, policies and projects in Australia (with supporting information on New Zealand) as well as summary information on global hydrogen-specific policies and projects. 

Complementing the ‘database’ aspects of HyResource, short reports are published on the HyResource site at regular intervals (targeting three reports per annum). These reports would examine specific matters of relevance to hydrogen industry development in Australia (and globally as considered relevant).

The HyResource site amounts to an extensive collection of information updated as close as possible in real time. 

The purpose of these short reports is, for the matters under discussion, to summarise the relevant information in HyResource and place it in a consumable form that stakeholders can use for their own purposes and assessments.

This second report continues with the main themes of the first report and covers hydrogen industry policy initiatives and the status of hydrogen projects in Australia. A special feature briefly examines trends in hydrogen in mobility applications.

The report includes the Federal Government’s $25 million hydrogen-ready provision in the 2021/21 Budget (and the recent federal $5 million allocation to Gladstone, Queensland for a hydrogen ecosystem development initiative as part of the regional recovery partnerships).

Section One summarises the key hydrogen-related policy initiatives announced in Australia since the publication of the first report in December 2020. 

Section Two examines the current status of the main funding, support and investment programs directly supporting hydrogen projects. 

Section Three summarises the current state of hydrogen projects in Australia, with emphasis on projects at the Operating, Under construction and Advanced development stages of the project life-cycle. 

Section Four reviews key features of global and local trends in hydrogen in mobility applications.

To download the report, click here.

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