Soltec, a reference company within the photovoltaic industry, has launched the first complete power generation and distribution product for photovoltaic distributed generation projects.

Soltec launched Solarfighter, a complete power generation and distribution kit for photovoltaic distributed generation projects of up to 12MW. The innovative structure and system of this product enhances power generation performance, accessibility and quality.

Clean energies accounted for nearly 90 per cent of total power capacity worldwide in 2020. According to Deloitte’s Global Renewable Energy Trends report, this percentage is expected to increase in 2021, reaching the quickest growth rate over the last six years. Such growth is led by wind, hydro and photovoltaic energy, an industry in which solar power plays a starring role as it is cheaper than energy generated in fossil fuel plants. 

Gradual cost reductions relating to technological development and energy profitability are, as indicated by the International Energy Agency (IEA), two key drivers pointing to a solar energy increase of over 250 per cent in 2024.

The 2021 Energy Transition Index drafted by the World Economic Forum analyses energy system performance by countries, ranking Australia fifth after another record year in 2020 for the country’s renewable industry. According to the Clean Energy Australia 2021 report by the Clean Energy Council, the growth of solar energy in this country in 2019 was ten-fold that of Germany (ranked second).

Australia’s leadership in renewable energy installation and production also applies to the area of distributed generation. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance data, distributed generation demand in the country is expected to increase, placing Australia in 2040 as a world leader in distributed energy, which will account for nearly half of power generation in the land down under. 

Brazil’s Association of Solar Energy data shows that one in five Australians consumes energy from distributed generation, a clear indicator of the country’s energy policy, as reflected in some areas. Within Australia, Queensland and South Australia have the highest level of photovoltaic solar panel installation on roofs, according to the ICEX 2021 report The Solar Energy Market in Australia.

This solar revolution in the country is attracting international players into the marketplace. One of these players is Soltec Power Holdings, which recently launched Solarfighter, a new distributed generation product now available in Australia.

Solarfighter is a complete power generation and distribution product for photovoltaic distributed generation projects of up to 12MW. With Solarfighter, Soltec combines the advantages of self-consumption with the generation and distribution of traditional power plants, eliminating the disadvantages of both. 

Solarfighter allows clients to benefit from equipment used in larger photovoltaic plants without undertaking any part of the installation process and benefiting from a comprehensive, customised service. 

Soltec, which was already present in Australia, provides comprehensive service with Solarfighter, including customer service, product warranty and customised care for each plant development part. Solarfighter’s all-in-one system makes installation easier and, together with its storage system, accelerates equipment generation, favours cost savings, and improves power performance and quality.

The kit is comprised of a solar tracker, modules (Jinko Solar – 72MHC – 520-540W monocrystalline; Tiger Bifacial DG – 455-475W Bifacial–; JA Solar – Deep Blue 3.0 – 545W Half-cell; or Seraphim –SIV Series – 525-540W Half-cell), inverter (Huawei, SUN2000-185KTL-H1), batteries, cabling and communications, weather station and BoP systems. Its design and structure favour adaptation to all weather conditions, one of the main challenges of the photovoltaic industry.

Soltec Power Holdings, a company created in Spain in 2004, is a market leader in Spain, North America and Latin America. Australia is one of the 16 countries in which Soltec operates, setting up operations in 2017 and carrying out its first 70MW photovoltaic project in 2018 together with Biosar. Innovation, the will to improve, and a solid commitment to employees and clients are part of Soltec’s DNA. 

As explained by Alan Finkel, lead scientist of Australia between 2016 and 2020 and current advisor to the Australian Government in low-emission technologies, the key to environmental transition is technology. With that in mind, companies committed to innovation such as Soltec plan on revolutionising the market to ensure everyone benefits from clean energy through the development of power plants and the promotion of green energy alternatives, including distributed generation.

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