Australia has joined in the formal creation of the International Solar Alliance.

Led by India and France, members of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) will deepen cooperation on solar research, reduce technology costs and harmonise international standards.

The ISA aims to promote the roll out of solar technology and solar energy uptake amongst countries that lie in the sun-rich belt between the tropics.

Over one billion people have no access to electricity. Harnessing solar energy will expand access to energy in developing countries, helping them to meet the energy demands of their growing economies.

Australia is a world leader in the sector, with significant expertise in remote electrification and vital supporting technologies such as batteries and pumped hydro storage. Around 17 per cent of Australian households have rooftop solar panels – the highest per capita rate in the world.

Joining the Alliance also supports the Australian Government’s commitment to clean energy cooperation and meeting our Paris Agreement emissions targets.

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