Offshore Energy has entered into a partnership to develop Australia’s first offshore wind farm, the Star of the South, located off the south coast of Gippsland, Victoria

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners will join Offshore Energy in the offshore project.

The site is located 10-25km off the coast in the Bass Strait and has a total expected capacity of up to 2,000MW. Further development of the site will be undertaken jointly by the partnership.

Andy Evans, Managing Director of Offshore Energy, said, “Offshore Energy is delighted to partner with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, one of the leading offshore wind developers in the world, to develop Australia’s first offshore wind farm.

“The partnership brings together local knowledge and proven international experience that we believe will deliver many benefits for Australia, Victoria and local communities.”

Senior Partner in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Torsten Lodberg Smed, said the Star of the South offers a unique opportunity within offshore wind in a new market.

“We are very satisfied with this partnership, and look forward to contributing our competence and experience in cooperation with Offshore Energy, all levels of government and key stakeholders in the development of the first offshore wind project in Australia.”

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