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The Tasmanian Government has released its draft Renewable Energy Action Plan, which lays out a strategy to leverage renewable energy to rebuild the state’s economy after COVID-19.

The plan identifies the “immense” potential in renewable energy to drive economic growth, attract investment and create jobs.

The draft Renewable Energy Action Plan outlines its vision to transform Tasmania into a world leader of clean, reliable and affordable energy, as well as a suite of actions to develop renewable energy generation in the state over the coming 20 years.

The plan aims to define a pathway to securing a renewable energy future, creating thousands of local jobs, strengthening the Tasmanian economy and ensuring energy remains affordable and accessible.

Tasmania will soon achieve the status of being one of the few jurisdictions in the world to achieve 100 per cent self-sufficiency in renewable electricity generation, putting the state in an optimal position to manage its transition to renewable energy.

The Tasmanian Government has also set a Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target to double the state’s renewable generation to a global-leading target of 200 per cent of its current needs by 2040.

Through setting clear targets and actions, the Action Plan will build on Tasmania’s natural competitive advantages and leverage existing and planned investment to grow the renewable sector.

Tasmanians will always come first and are central to our goal to deliver Tasmanian residents and small businesses the lowest possible regulated electricity prices.

The Government welcomes feedback on the draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan which represents a unique opportunity to be a world leader while using investment and job creation to help build a stronger Tasmania.

Renewables plan must leverage pumped hydro’s untapped capacity

Hydro Tasmania has welcomed the release of the draft Action Plan, saying it charts a course to a world-leading Tasmanian renewable energy industry by building on the state’s existing strengths.

The plan identifies both Hydro Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation and TasNetwork’s Marinus Link projects as engines for Tasmania’s future economic prosperity, and details the Tasmanian Government’s ongoing support for these initiatives.

Hydro Tasmania CEO, Steve Davy, said the Tasmanian Government had backed up their bold renewable energy target with a plan to make it a reality.

“Pumped hydro, more interconnection and the untapped capacity of our existing systems will each make an important contribution to Tasmania’s renewable energy target of generating 200 per cent of current needs by 2040,” Mr Davy said.

“Tasmanians will directly benefit from more renewable energy generation through even greater energy security, investment and employment throughout the state, new industries such as renewable hydrogen generation and the take up of electric vehicles.

“We also share the State Government’s commitment to ensuring Tasmanians get value for money, and we’re confident that the costs of both Battery of the Nation and Marinus will be outweighed by the economic benefits, with Tasmanians paying only a fair share for projects that will benefit the country.”

The draft Renewable Energy Action Plan also affirms the value of Hydro Tasmania’s existing assets and capabilities, and allows the organisation to continue to invest in the future of its assets and workforce.

“As Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link continue, it’s pleasing to see this plan demonstrate the benefits we can offer ordinary Tasmanians,” Mr Davy said.

“I look forward to discussing this draft plan with stakeholders and sharing our excitement for Tasmania’s future.”

View the draft Renewable Energy Action Plan here.

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