Powerlink is hoping to minimise outage and return to service times during aged primary equipment replacement in substations with a new trial of a hybrid mobile bay.

The transportable 132kV mobile bay aims to reduce outage times from 12 weeks to two, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies, and less impacts on customers when conducting replacement works.

Powerlink Chief Executive, Paul Simshauser, said the trial was a testament to Powerlink using innovation to solve technical challenges to drive efficiencies across the board.

“The innovative trial will allow for critical replacement works at major substations to be completed faster and at lower cost, with impacts to customers minimised,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Powerlink used the services of a local Mackay business for the manufacturing of the hybrid substation, which will undergo its first trial at our Bouldercombe Substation near Rockhampton.”

Mr Simshauser said this new approach would revolutionise the way Powerlink replaces aging substation equipment. 

“The complexity of replacing critical substation equipment will be simplified with the use of the mobile bay,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Typically a whole substation bay of equipment has to be de-energised for up to three months for work to be conducted. 

“The mobile bay means the outage duration will be significantly reduced and can be taken in lower load periods as work preparation can be done up to one year in advance.

“The Powerlink team looked at what technology our peers locally and abroad were using in similar working environments against our ongoing maintenance needs. 

“The hybrid mobile bay can be easily transported from site to site and will help us deliver better outcomes for our customers.”

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