Chinese solar racking supplier Antaisolar has signed an agreement to provide up to 100MW solar racking for distributed solar projects in China. 

The deal is with Dingjing Combine, a company that covers the development, construction and operation of solar projects in China, and has developed over 300MW rooftop solar projects.

Since a new pilot program specifically designed to promote the deployment of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) was approved by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) in late August 2021, province-wide solar promotion policy has sent China’s demand to another peak.

Antaisolar and Dingjing Combine will jointly explore the possibility of rooftop power project development in the countries of mutual interest, while exchanging knowledge and technical expertise.

CEO of Antaisolar, Jasmine Huang, expressed optimism about the collaboration with Dingjing Combine, and said it will further increase Antaisolar’s competitiveness in the domestic markets.

CEO of Dingjing, Yi Wang, said, “Antaisolar’s innovative and efficient product, research and development concept and mature service are highly compatible with our concept of building a photovoltaic power station with better quality, a shorter construction period, and lower construction cost.

“With their tailor-made advantage for complicated solar project and high quality products, we will be able to explore more low-carbon energy cooperation opportunities in China.”

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