Given the environmental benefits and cost saving potential, it is no surprise that more and more Australian businesses and individuals are utilising solar as their energy source. But in order to magnify the benefits and savings of solar, an investment in a high-quality, reliable battery is essential.

Since the 1970s, lead batteries have been utilised for energy storage in Australia’s harsh environs with great success. This technology was backed by more than a century of improvements in both the manufacturing processes and elements utilised in the production of these batteries to increase reliability, durability and longevity, resulting in consumers gaining energy security for their homes and businesses.

Because the upfront cost of purchasing a solar battery was on the higher end, many solar consumers delayed the purchase until prices dropped further, but in doing so, they also delayed the savings and assurance that a battery provides. Many consumers are now seeing the benefits of batteries connected to their homes, including power bill savings and protection from black outs.

Delivering a reliable power supply

The sun generates 1,012GWh of energy per year, which is fantastic for both domestic and commercial solar consumers, however, the energy generated by solar panels isn’t always all needed then and there, so a reliable energy storage solution is essential to maximising solar potential from sunset to sunrise.

In an ideal system, the energy produced by a solar array is captured and stored in batteries to be utilised by the consumer when the sun goes down and power prices are at their highest. BAE solar batteries offer an excellent solar battery option for those wanting to take advantage of all that solar batteries have to offer.

About BAE

Located in Berlin, BAE has provided reliable energy around the globe for more than 120 years. BAE has earned a reputation in Australia for supplying quality German-built and -engineered batteries for a variety of needs from RAPS, UPS, emergency back-up, renewable energy storage to stand-alone and hybrid grid connected systems.

BAE has proven performance in the harshest environments around the world, and innovative technology allows BAE batteries to ensure the tremendous energy potential provided by the sun is harnessed to its full potential.

Secura Solar batteries

BAE Secura Solar batteries are the perfect choice for energy supply in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation, stand-alone photovoltaic systems and hybrid applications.

BAE Secura PVV batteries, which are available in both block and cell configurations, are not required to be refilled with water during their service life – meaning they are a maintenance-free battery. This eliminates the chore of checking the battery’s electrolyte level. Secura PVV batteries by BAE are used to store energy in small to large solar photovoltaic installations.

Due to the robust, tubular plate design, PVV Solar Secura batteries are perfectly suited for the highest requirements regarding cycling ability and longevity. If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial applications, BAE solar batteries are designed to provide uninterrupted operations and the maximum service life available.

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