The global transition to renewable energy is putting pressure on wind turbine OEMs. With manufacturers requiring easy access to reliable, innovative power transmission solutions to maximise power generation uptime, relying on multiple suppliers is not the optimum approach.

Regal Rexnord has been committed to Renewable Energy systems globally for more than 40 years. As an OEM partner and collaborative developer to many of the world’s leading wind energy innovators and manufacturers, Regal Rexnord in Australia is in a powerful position to support the local service, repair and renew requirements of growing regional wind energy infrastructure.

Wind power capacity increase

The move to a low carbon future has seen rapid expansion in the size of offshore and onshore wind turbines and power generation. With power output capacity increasing year on year to meet demand, wind turbine OEMs need to deliver designs that provide the utmost in reliability and efficiency.

A key factor in achieving this is the performance of power transmission components and sub-assemblies. With reliable solutions, wind turbine OEMs can maximize uptime of turbines and help operators to produce more green energy to meet demand.

A culture of innovation across Regal Rexnord means that cutting edge power transmission products are available to support the new advanced wind turbine designs. Engineers from all brands within Regal Rexnord collaborate with OEMs during the prototyping process, fast tracking projects and delivering tailored solutions for customers, further fostering innovation.

Challenges for operators and service providers

Wind turbines are complex. One turbine alone can feature yaw brakes, rotor brakes, shaft locking assemblies, hydraulic power units, drive couplings and shafting, even humble access door actuators – all of which require periodic maintenance and repair. Sourcing a multitude of key assemblies and components from varying suppliers can be confusing, time consuming and costly for procurement departments.

Original equipment manufacturers rely not only on Regal Rexnord’s development support at design stage, their OE supply efficiencies and the quality of the product, but they also rely on Regal Rexnord’s global network of business units to support and supply the install base with high quality replacement parts.

A single source for power transmission

Featuring leading brands Ameridrives, Stromag, Svendborg Brakes, Tollok, Warner Electric and many others, Regal Rexnord offers proven power transmission components and assemblies for wind turbine OEMs.

These same brands can be supplied for service and repair through a network of Regal Rexnord business units globally. As each brand is an established manufacturer in its own right, local Regal Rexnord business units are uniquely positioned to provide the sort of replacement part service and supply that local operators demand.

Regal Rexnord here in Australia is geared up to support the growing wind turbine install base with dedicated service technicians, inhouse and up tower maintenance capability as well as component load testing and stocks of common genuine OE components.

Whether it is to support local service providers or to carry out critical maintenance, Regal Rexnord in Australia can react to the needs of the industry.

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