Wind turbine inspections using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) save operators time and money; and reduce safety risks compared to conventional inspections. Using UAVs has made it possible to do away with manual rope-access inspection and allows owners to efficiently embrace the benefits of asset digitisation.

There are more than 3000 wind turbines in Australia that are currently operational, which means around 9000 turbine blades are subject to wear and will require regular inspection throughout their lifespan.

If Australia intends to intensify its renewables energy generation to 35 per cent of its total energy output, inspection methods for wind turbines need to be more efficient and cost-effective. Advanced AI-powered UAVs and machine-learning technology are set to disrupt and transform the operations and maintenance side of the wind industry.

CEO of Aerodyne Australia, Tony Gilbert, is confident Aerodyne’s solution for wind turbine inspection will be a game changer.

“We believe we have the ideal solution to fully digitise wind farm assets. Our vertikalitiWIND platform provides end-to-end managed solutions, from data capture using advanced UAVs to AI-driven data processing and analytics.”

With global experience gained from inspecting more than 2000 wind turbines, Aerodyne understands the pain points of its customers. By focusing on high-resolution data capture and post analytics using AI, Aerodyne ensures best quality inspections and actionable insights are delivered.

Aerodyne’s web portal platform, vertikalitiWIND, allows its customers to navigate inspection images, review the damage type and severity, and subsequently make informed decisions on repairs.

As a global player, Aerodyne has what it takes to manage the intricacies of UAV inspection for large wind farm operations. During an inspection, major defects are reported daily and detailed analysis is delivered within seven working days.

“We are very excited to offer our capabilities and we look forward to opportunities to work with wind farm owners in Australia,” said Mr Gilbert.

About Aerodyne Group
Aerodyne Group is a world-leading AI driven, drone-based enterprise solution provider with presence and operations in 25 countries and employing over 270 experienced UAV pilots. Aerodyne’s AI-driven solutions – Vertikaliti, myPRISM and others – are already deployed for major projects within power, renewables, oil and gas, telecommunication, construction, agriculture, infrastructure and beyond. Aerodyne Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Aerodyne Group.

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