Penola, South Australia

Plans to develop a new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) – located next to the Hallett Power Station in Canowie, 210km north of Adelaide – have been announced by EnergyAustralia.

The Hallett BESS would have an initial storage capacity of 50MW with discharge capacity of up to 200MWh, and be able to power up to 81,000 homes and small businesses for four hours.  

EnergyAustralia Head of Portfolio Development, Daniel Nugent, said, “We have already made good progress in planning the Hallett BESS, which supports South Australia’s position as a leader in clean energy generation.  

“The project’s development and environmental planning are well advanced, and we have an ambition to expand its capacity to 150MW and 600MWh after the successful completion of stage one. Initial findings indicate an overall low impact on the surrounding environment.   

“In just over 16 years, South Australia’s electricity mix has shifted from below one per cent renewables to more than 70 per cent of energy generated by wind and solar. This is the highest in the world for a grid this size.  

“On a peak summer day, our Hallett gas-fired power station can provide approximately five per cent of South Australia’s power needs during peak periods.  

“Over the longer term, the Hallett battery will allow us to transition our gas-fired power station to be in strategic reserve, decrease our emissions, and support more renewables coming into the system.  

“We’re seeking to develop this battery on land we own alongside our power station, which brings some big benefits for construction and delivery certainty. For example, we can use the existing transmission infrastructure avoiding the need to build new transmission lines on private land,” Mr Nugent said. 

The project will undergo further assessments and community consultation and is subject to the necessary South Australian planning approvals. 

Subject to approvals, the Hallett battery is expected to be operational as early as the beginning of 2026. 

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