A paper released by the International Microgrid Association (IMA) has established new industry benchmarks for microgrids to create consistency in its energy future.

Microgrids: The Way Forward integrates strong qualitative and quantitative research conducted by KPMG across the global microgrid community, and is the first of its kind for the industry.

The paper creates a solid foundation for what a microgrid is, the applications and the way forward for the industry over the next five, ten and 15 years. 

IMA Chair, James Colbert, said, “Microgrids will be one of the essential basics of our energy future. 

“With multiple applications, they can be used in a number of scenarios and create a wide range of benefits, from increased decarbonisation through to network stability and new market and commercial opportunities.

“With the energy landscape transforming so quickly, and with both renewables and decarbonisation picking up speed, the industry needs to work together and collaborate if we are going to make the most of this once-in-a-generation energy transition.

“Having a consistent language around microgrids and an industry-wide view of the landscape can get us on the same page to work together, using microgrids as a key part of the toolkit.”

The extensive industry research identified five key applications for microgrids that can answer the current needs in the energy market, plus the enablers and barriers for the industry, including policy and regulatory constraints and potential skill shortages. 

KPMG Partner, James Arnott, said, “KPMG are delighted to have been able to make a contribution to the IMA perspective on microgrids.

“The IMA report outcomes bring together key stakeholders and provides a platform for industry learning, collaboration and sharing as we collectively progress the energy transition agenda for Australia and the world.” 

In addition to the paper, the IMA has formally announced the formation of a microgrid-focused Industry Centre of Excellence, to be based at the University of Western Australia. 

Industry Engagement Manager at University of Western Australia, Pru Steinerts, said, “With its diverse energy needs, Western Australia has naturally become a hotspot for microgrid applications, and works as a great testing bed for local, national and international organisations to investigate and collaborate the microgrid and energy innovations that are super charging wider energy transformation. 

“UWA is looking forward to working with IMA members to develop critical expertise and build capability to support the microgrid industry both in Australia and internationally.”

Access Microgrids: The Way Forward here: https://internationalmicrogrids.org/microgrid-roadmap/

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