While inaction from some governments has held back investment in the energy sector, Simon Holmes à Court argues that the work being directly undertaken by the industry to transform energy tells a different, and hopeful, story.

Speaking ahead of his presentation at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition, taking place in Sydney from 2-3 April, Simon Holmes à Court believes that while the Federal Government has let us down when it comes to the transformation of the energy sector, the work that is being done directly by industry participants gives us much to be hopeful about.

Holmes à Court has been a pioneering force in the Australian community power movement, and has direct experience of emerging energy markets as the founding chair of Hepburn Wind, through which he, along with 1900 others, built Australia’s first community-owned wind farm.

At Smart Energy 2019, Holmes à Court’s presentation will be focused on Australia’s smart energy future, looking at the technologies, policies and people that will drive the change required for a cleaner energy future.

At the Conference, Holmes à Court will be joined by some of the clean energy industry’s best and brightest minds, including:

  • Alan Kohler, publisher of The Constant Investor and business editor at large of The Australian, who will discuss Australia’s ongoing climate fiasco
  • Oliver Yates, Executive Director of UPC Renewables and Federal Candidate for Kooyong, who will focus on the upcoming Federal Election and argue that the removal of uncertainty and the establishment of a clear decarbonisation pathway is desperately needed
  • Violette Mouchaileh, Executive General Manager, Emerging Markets at AEMO, who will discuss the coordinated pathway we need to help us navigate the energy transition
  • Ian Learmonth, Chief Executive Officer of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, who will look at the next wave of renewable investment he expects to see

This is just a small sample of the speakers who will be sharing their views at Smart Energy 2019 – to see the full program, click here.

One of the overriding themes of the Conference will be the hopeful attitude shared by many of the speakers – change is on the horizon, and the energy industry is starting to make clear strides towards the cleaner, more affordable and more reliable energy future we’re all keen to see.
To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest thinking and technology when it comes to smart energy, click here to secure your tickets to the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition today.

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