A technology company has been selected to supply a battery storage system to Woodside’s Goodwyn A platform, located at sea 135km northwest of Karratha in Perth, WA.

ABB’s plug-and-play PowerStore Battery storage system will replace one of the six existing gas turbine generators and reduce the need for the emergency diesel generator.

Short-term backup will be provided via a new ABB Ability PowerStore battery energy storage system incorporated within the microgrid to provide spinning reserve.

A dedicated ABB Ability Microgrid Plus control system will be remotely operated should the need arise or if the platform needs to be de-manned.

Along with trimming operations and maintenance costs the system will contribute to the carbon emission of Woodside, Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company.

Operating since 1995, Goodwyn A’s 55,000 tonne production facility is more than 290m tall and stands in a water depth of 131m.

The platform combines production, re-injection, utilities and accommodation facilities.

Dry gas and condensate from surrounding reservoirs are transported by a network of pipelines to Goodwyn A and then sent on-shore to the Karratha Gas Plant for processing.

The platform is designed for up to 30 production wells, including five re-injection wells, and has a daily production capacity of up to 36,000 tonnes of gas and 11,000 tonnes of condensate.

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