The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has ruled to clarify and update provisions in the National Electricity Rules (NER) relating to the Reliability Panel’s governance arrangements with a view to promoting effective execution of responsibilities, transparency and timely consultation.

The Reliability Panel determines standards and some of the guidelines used by AEMO and participants, which help maintain a secure and reliable power system for consumers.

Its members represent a range of participants in the national electricity market including consumer groups, generators, network businesses, retailers and AEMO.

The final rule makes some changes to the NER including:

  • The ability to nominate an Acting Chair on a standing basis
  • Clarifying the role of discretionary members and how they are appointed
  • The introduction of more streamlined consultation processes where appropriate
  • Extending the exemption for independence from the system operator to the Panel member representing distribution network service providers
  • Publishing the Panel’s Annual Market Performance Review on a financial year, rather than calendar year basis, to make it easier for stakeholders to compare information.
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