After months of testing, the Australian designed and assembled Zenaji Aeon battery was approved by the Clean Energy Council for the Australian market. These Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries are a leap forward in power storage technology for both domestic and commercial settings, and can now be used by Australian customers with greater confidence.

Renowned laboratory certification company TUV Rhineland has certified the Zenaji Aeon battery and its associated Battery Management
System (BMS) to meet both IEC 62619:2017 and IEC 62040-1:2017 Standards.

The Zenaji Aeon battery is also certified by independent labs to meet IP65 and EMC (Electrical Emissions) Standards. In recent times, recalls of brand name batteries due to their role in starting fires have raised concerns about safety.

The Zenaji Aeon’s certifications and commitment to safety standards provide consumers with peace of mind. Unlike other lithium battery chemistries, the Zenaji Aeon’s LTO cells do not result in thermal runaway, which is a spontaneous combustion process caused by dendritic growth in the battery.

The Zenaji Aeon battery

Dendritic growth can lead to a fire at any time regardless of whether the battery is charged or discharged. With a warranted cycle life of 20 years (or 22,000 cycles) and a tough, weatherproof aluminium case, the Zenaji Aeon battery is a lifetime solution for energy storage needs.

Each Zenaji Aeon battery provides 1.93kWh of energy storage and, with their superior cycling performance, allows three cycles a day to take complete advantage of your energy production and off-peak energy pricing plan.

The batteries allow for a system to capture and store solar power throughout the day to be used at night rather than feeding this power back into the grid and further reduces the property’s energy bill.

When the grid is down, the stored energy from Zenaji Aeon batteries, with the appropriate inverter and utility approval, can automatically switch to off-grid mode and continue to supply power.

The Zenaji Aeon battery is designed to provide long-lasting, reliable power for domestic applications through to large-scale storage requirements in industrial and commercial applications.

Zenaji also offers the Eternity battery which was developed to meet the growing demand for commercial scale energy storage. Taking full advantage of the incredible charge and discharge characteristics of LTO, along with the advanced safety, the Zenaji Eternity represents the longest lasting and lowest warrantied, cost per KWh energy storage solution for commercial applications.

The Zenaji Eternity’s basic building block is 33.8kWh and is scalable for commercial users according to the MW needed by large-scale energy consumers. The Zenaji Aeon and Eternity batteries are sold Australia-wide by leading battery distributor R&J Batteries. With 23 branches and more than 8,000 stockists across the nation, Zenaji batteries are easily accessible.

This Sponsored Editorial was brought to you by R&J Batteries. Visit or call the closest branch on 1300 769 282 for more information on Zenaji Aeon and Eternity batteries.

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