Western Australia outback

Western Power has called for registrations of interest to explore the potential for a disconnected microgrid pilot program in the Mid-West, Wheatbelt or Great Southern regions.

The pilot program will attempt to understand the capability and capacity of the market to develop a disconnected microgrid, which is a small, isolated network operating independently from the rest of the grid.

A modular network of remote power systems, including stand-alone power systems and disconnected microgrids may be a more cost-effective way to supply smaller regional communities in Western Power’s service area.

Western Australian Energy Minister, Bill Johnson, said a disconnected microgrid would benefit regional communities. 

“Disconnected microgrids could play a crucial role in improving reliability for regional businesses and homeowners,” Mr Johnson said.

 “Stand-alone power systems and microgrids remove the risk of outages caused by power supplies travelling long distances, which are exposed to plant and animal impacts, lightning, high winds, and bushfires.

 “Disconnected microgrids can provide low-carbon emission benefits and will help reach our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Western Power’s pilot aims to provide industry development opportunities for local manufacturers and providers.

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