In response to 259 avoidable incidents last year, Western Power has launched its GamePlan safety campaign educating businesses and tradespeople on how to safely work around the grid.

GamePlan is a suite of tailored safety videos that have been designed to educate and support industries and trades to prepare and work safely around the network without incident.

The videos, which are freely available and supported by onsite presentations, will look to bring an elite athlete mindset to the worksite and establish a ‘Game Plan’ for safety around Western Power assets.

Last year there were 259 avoidable contact incidents where third party workers hit or damaged the network, risking serious injury and affecting local power supply.

“Any contact with the electricity network can result in serious injury or worse,” said WA Energy Minister Bill Johnston.

“Being methodical and preparing for success isn’t just the domain of elite level athletes and should be embraced by everyone, especially those working around electricity networks.

“A good game plan not only ensures your safety on a worksite, but it also ensures the safety of your mates and creates a common goal everyone can contribute to.”

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