WePower formally handed over a version of its innovative retail electricity transaction marketplace – also known as Elemental – to Mojo Power. The new Mojo Marketplace will serve Mojo Power’s small business and corporate customers, and is expected to be formally launched early in 2021.

The Mojo Marketplace will be the first full-featured version of WePower’s Elemental to be

deployed in the Australian market.

WePower’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Martyniuk, said WePower is excited to be delivering its retail marketplace to Mojo. 

“Mojo’s customers will be able to purchase locally-sourced renewable energy as a standard retail electricity contract – a novelty in the Australian retail electricity market. 

“Mojo is one of the most innovative retailers in Australia, joining the global sustainability movement. We are now in various stages of deployment with retailers across Europe and the US, looking for ways to provide their customers with options to buy locally-sourced sustainable energy.”

WePower’s Elemental Marketplace has been designed to enable electricity retailers to offer renewables-linked retail electricity contracts (i.e. so-called ‘Retail PPAs’) to business and corporate customers. 

The innovative Marketplace enables electricity retailers to provide their customers with an intuitive online shopping basket experience in procuring their electricity: select the renewable energy facility(-ies), dynamically firm up the balance of their consumption, select additional green credits, select term of contract, and contract.

Retailers can upload their own portfolio of renewable PPAs or procure PPA strips from WePower’s Wholesale Marketplace.

In addition to the Robinvale Solar Farm project in Victoria already on the WePower platform, Mojo intends to upload additional projects in NSW and Queensland, as well as to procure projects via WePower’s Wholesale Marketplace.

Mojo’s Managing Director, Warren Murphy, said, “We’re excited to offer corporate clients in Australia easy access to direct energy procurement. Mojo is eliminating the dependence on the complicated energy procurement procedures and enabling companies of all sizes to buy local green energy with full transparency easily.”

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