Welcome to the website for Energy, a new thought-leading, technology neutral magazine, developed to help the industry answer some of the critical questions it is currently grappling with.

All of us active in the energy industry today are struggling to answer big questions such as:

  • What are the energy sources of the future?
  • How do we provide energy that is clean, affordable and reliable?
  • How do we give customers what they want?
  • How to we contend with disruption in the energy sector?
  • How do we digitise our networks safely, securely and efficiently?

The answers to these questions aren’t simple. It’s going to be a long and complex journey to develop the energy systems of the future, and that’s why Monkey Media is launching Energy magazine right now – to help the industry forge a path forward, answering these complex questions with thought-leading and thought-provoking editorial contributions from some of the best and brightest minds the energy industry has to offer.

Energy will look at the policies and politics affecting the industry; but we will always place the emphasis on outcomes rather than political point-scoring. We are committed to helping the industry move forward and solve the so-called energy “trilemma” – establishing new forms of energy that are reliable, affordable and clean – without over-emphasising the role governments will play in finding the solution.

We believe the future for the energy sector – while it looks considerably different than it has over its first century of existence – has never looked brighter. The opportunities are waiting to be taken advantage of, and Energy will be there, showing you how to best position yourself in energy’s brave new world.

Topics to be regularly covered in Energy include renewables, waste-to-energy, future fuels, electric vehicles, smart energy, evolving energy networks, disruption, energy efficiency, new technology, energy security and much more.

Energy is published by Monkey Media, the team behind highly-regarded industry publications including Utility, Infrastructure and Pump Industry. The magazine will be published quarterly, in March, June, September and November, with the first issue to be released in March 2018. Until then, this website will be updated daily with the latest news and views affecting the industry; and we’ll also be sending a fortnightly e-newsletter so that our subscribers can have this information delivered directly to their inboxes. You can sign up to receive the Energy e-newsletter here.

Energy has been created using the unique Monkey Media approach, whereby we:

  • Build a powerful audience of leaders and decision makers
  • Engage them with quality content through multiple channels
  • Use our skills as a marketing agency to help you make the most of it all

The quarterly magazine will be supported by a website, which is updated daily with all of the latest and breaking news from the energy sector, as well as an e-newsletter, which will be sent to a list of opt-in subscribers every week.

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