The Lithium and Energy Materials Industry Consortium has gathered in Western Australia to discuss ways to ensure the state capitalises on its status as the global leader of lithium production.

Western Australian Mines and Petroleum Minister, Bill Johnston, acknowledged the important contributions made by all attendees towards the development of the State Government’s Lithium and Energy Materials Industry Strategy for WA.

The strategy will be fast-tracked for completion within six months.

It will deliver strategic direction and confidence to industry and its stakeholders, and assist in accessing Commonwealth funding to facilitate economic growth and diversification, job creation and research outcomes.

Advances in vehicle and battery storage technology have driven demand for lithium and related energy materials.

“The battery materials industry has the potential to transform the state, creating jobs and diversifying the local economy,” Mr Johnston said.

“The Consortium brought together Government and industry representatives, from across the battery value chain, to identify the key initiatives required to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Western Australia.”

The state’s competitiveness in the battery supply chain is highest in the early ‘raw materials’ phase, followed by the ‘processes materials’ phase, which WA is developing.

Processing will add substantial value to WA’s lithium industry, with increases in the value of the products shipped overseas, job creation and increased expertise in a growing industry.

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