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Viva Energy has entered into a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Acciona to secure pricing on approximately 100GWh per annum of electricity from Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm.

The deal supports the Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm in Victoria, which is home to around 30 per cent of all wind farm generation in Australia, with the refinery being one of the states largest electricity users.

Viva Energy CEO, Scott Wyatt, said, “Access to reliable and affordable electricity is critical for our refining operations which need to operate continuously and be able to compete with large scale refineries overseas.

“Over the last few years the cost of electricity supply in Victoria has more than doubled and has become increasingly subject to pricing spikes due to weather and reliability events causing disruptions to generation and supply.

“Our research has shown that renewable energy is very competitive with existing sources of generation and can be a viable and sustainable part of the energy mix for a business like ours.

“This agreement with Acciona is a win-win outcome for us both as it helps lock in a stable electricity price over the long term, while supporting a local renewable energy source not far from the refinery.”

Acciona Energy Australia Managing Director, Brett Wickham, said, “Companies like Viva Energy know the value of securing a reliable price for energy. We are pleased to be working with them on this corporate PPA, which helps underwrite our Mt Gellibrand wind farm, and share their commitment towards greater energy efficiency and sustainability for industrial processes.”

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