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Several standards have recently been published, focusing on the efficient and innovative use of the extensive network of pipelines carrying gas and liquid petroleum around Australia.

Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO of Standards Australia, said, “Across the sectors where Standards Australia works, the outcomes for industry and the community are seen in both safety and overall efficiency. In no other sector has this been so consistently the case than in the mining and energy sector.”

AS 2885.0:2018, Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – General Requirements, AS/NZS 2885.1:2018, Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction, and AS/NZS 2885.6:2018, Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Safety management have been recently published as part of the AS 2885 series which supports the industry with the technical requirements to efficiently design and build new energy pipelines, and to keep the existing ones flowing safely.

Chair of the Technical Committee, Susan Jaques, said, “Part 0, 1 and 6 of the AS 2885 series are all vital in getting the technical requirements right to ensure safety right the way through the supply chain.

“Recent changes to these publications include a focusing of Part 1 to address only new pipelines or modifications, and a new Part 6 which brings together in one spot, all aspects of pipeline safety management. And the general requirements, in Part 0, now include all of the common defined terms in one place. The subcommittees for the revision of these Parts have put in an enormous amount of time and effort to guide consistency across the AS 2885 suite.”

This series of standards has been developed by Standards Australia technical committee ME-038 Petroleum Pipelines, with input from regulators, industry representatives, and technical experts.

“These standards are an important step for the sector not just in improving safety, but in enhancing the guidance around this vital infrastructure in the energy sector,” said Dr Evans.

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