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The Victorian Government has released its Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy which reflects the Government’s commitment to improving energy efficiency and driving Victoria’s transition to an energy efficient and productive economy.

The strategy is backed by a $55 million investment that will capture immediate benefits, build engagement and drive enduring change in key sectors.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy includes the following actions:

  • $17 million to upgrade the homes of vulnerable households, helping people with chronic health conditions and low incomes
  • Grants of up to $50,000 to help manufacturers and other businesses get expert advice and improve their energy efficiency
  • A voluntary rating system for homes, so that prospective buyers can find out how comfortable and affordable a home is to run

CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, Luke Menzel, said smart energy use is the quickest way to bring down energy costs.

“This strategy will cut energy bills for Victorian homes and businesses straight away, and kick off the research we need to deliver even bigger savings in the future,” said Mr Menzel.

“We’re encouraging all governments to engage in good faith on the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG). However if we don’t complement the NEG with action on energy efficiency, as the Victorian Government is doing, the NEG will be prohibitively expensive.

“Energy efficiency might not seem as sexy as solar panels or a big new generator, but it’s the cheapest and quickest way of slashing energy costs.”

Mr Menzel said there are good policies in the strategy to help vulnerable households and commercial building owners.

“We look forward to working with Minister D’Ambrosio to implement the ideas in this strategy and scale them up,” said Mr Menzel.

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