Benefit sharing programs announced this week by two new Victorian wind farms show that community expectations when it comes to new developments are being met, according to the Australian Wind Alliance.

The 300MW Delburn Wind Farm and the 700MW Hexham Wind Farm will create structured cash payments, community funds and investments opportunities as part of a benefit sharing program.

The Delburn Wind Farm plans to distribute over $3 million per annum into the local area, and the Hexham Wind Farm plans to pay neighbours $1000 per year (indexed with CPI) for each turbine constructed within three kilometres of their dwelling and $100 for each additional turbine constructed between three and six kilometres of the dwelling.

“Sharing financial benefits equitably is crucial for community acceptance,” Australian Wind Alliance National Coordinator, Andrew Bray said.

“The new wind farms appearing throughout Victoria actively fight climate change and move us away from polluting sources of power but they need to deliver for host communities as well.”

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