Solving Australia’s gas crisis

Victoria is on track to break a record in gas consumption this winter, with the cold weather resulting in several days of over 1,000TJ of gas consumption.

Plunging temperatures across the south-east of Australia have resulted in higher gas-powered generation (GPG) and gas usage, particularly in Victoria and South Australia.

To set an all-time record in gas consumption, Victoria would need to use approximately 1300TJ in a day, well above the previous record of 1282TJ, set on 17 July 2007. The second closest record was set on 3 August 2017 at 1275 TJ.

South Australia was also not immune to the cold temperatures, with a GPG consumption of 320 TJ on June 19, which is approximately double its winter average.

These possible records continue to illustrate the ever-growing interdependency between Australia’s electricity and gas markets, and highlight the need for the energy industry and governments to look at longer-term solutions to address Australia’s ongoing energy demands.

More analysis on Australia’s gas outlook is available in AEMO’s recently published Gas Statement of Opportunities and Victorian Gas Planning Report.

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