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The Victorian Government has pledged to ban hydraulic fracturing in the state’s Constitution if it wins the upcoming state election.

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, said if re-elected, his Government will enshrine it’s legislated ban on fracking in the Constitution of Victoria, arguing that doing so will protect prime agricultural land for good, and ensure the world knows Victorian food is frack free.

“Our primary producers are truly world leaders. That’s why we banned fracking – to protect our farmland and our reputation,” said Mr Andrews.

“Our farming community has made it clear that they want to protect the industry and their land from the impacts of fracking and coal seam gas operations.

“Labor will also provide $1 million for export focused marketing activities, to promote our clean and green food and fibre sector to the world.”

APPEA Chief Executive, Dr Malcolm Roberts, noted that the Victorian Government’s continued pretence that onshore gas development and farming cannot co-exist comes as Victorian gas production continues to fall and the state becomes increasingly reliant on gas supply piped from Queensland.

“The reality is that Victoria has a gas supply problem and more supply is desperately needed to put downward pressure on prices,” Mr Roberts said.

“Unless new gas resources in Victoria are developed, families and businesses in the state will pay more than those in states continuing to develop new supply.

“As the ACCC has pointed out; shipping gas from Queensland to southern customers adds $2 to $4 in transport costs.


“Victoria cannot continue to rely on other states to solve its gas supply issues. The state has significant local onshore resources but would rather import gas from other states or, incredibly, from overseas.”

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