Electric vehicle charging

SA Power Networks will be the first in Australia to allow network connection of a vehicle to grid charger for electric vehicles (EV).

Vehicle to grid (V2G) allows EV owners to use the excess energy stored in the EV battery to power homes and buildings when the car is not being used, reducing the use of grid energy and providing a source of income for EV owners. This technology works by sending the excess energy stored in the EV battery back to the electrical grid, which can then be used by other customers.

Customers with a compatible vehicle and charger can charge during the day from their own solar or by using cheaper daytime energy from the grid, and then export some of that energy back to their home or the grid to offset usage at peak times. 

There are many benefits of V2G technology, including:

  • Reducing the demand on the electrical grid during periods of peak usage, which helps to reduce the risk of blackouts and brownouts
  • Reducing the costs of energy for EV owners by allowing them to use their excess energy to power their homes, and then recharging from cheap daytime energy
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint of the electrical grid by reducing the need for energy from fossil-fuel powered generators

The availability of new and improved EV models, and a reduction in upfront costs, is resulting in an increased uptake and popularity of EVs and helping to drive the development of new and improved V2G technology.

The shift towards EVs and enabling vehicle to grid technology is an important step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. 

In December 2022, SA Power Networks became the first electricity distributor in Australia to allow network connection of a V2G charger. The technology that makes V2G possible is a bi-directional inverter which is planned to be available in SA in early 2023.

SA Power Networks said that while this V2G equipment is expensive now, the price is expected to come down as sales of EVs and chargers grow, with EV sales in Australia forecast to reach half of all new cars sold by 2035.

V2G technology will help to reduce the demand on the electrical grid, reduce energy costs, and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

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