Nalin Pahalawaththa

One of Australia’s leading professional services providers has appointed a utility transmission and distribution specialist, Nalin Pahalawatta.

An accomplished leader in the transmission segment of power generation, Nalin will work with clients and GHD colleagues to share insights and knowledge regarding the rapid transformation of the sector.

Nalin brings more than 30 years’ experience, with roles spanning TransGrid, the Australian Energy Market Operator, Transpower NZ and academia. In particular, Nalin possesses detailed, qualified knowledge of overhead and underground high voltage transmission and distribution systems.

“Nalin is an extremely highly credentialed, experienced technical specialist who is well-placed to help steer transmission augmentation, generation, load and distribution connections as the electricity market transitions to more renewable generation,” said Steve Bond, Australian Leader – Power, GHD.

“As we move to a much greater share of renewables, energy sector players need to develop a deep understanding of all the technologies, social, environmental and regulatory requirements, and Nalin is extremely well placed to assist with this, and suggest strategies and solutions that meet the associated challenges.”

“It’s important that we start thinking ‘outside the box’, and foster the development of innovative solutions, as the power grids of tomorrow will be very different to what we experience today,” Mr Pahalawatta said.

“GHD is well placed to support clients through this transformation with our end-to-end, broad service offering to energy sector. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience as part of our very strong global team to assist the industry’s transition to a renewable energy future.”

GHD is a leading global provider of services to help clients meet market demand for cleaner, more reliable, cost-effective energy sources. Services include conventional and renewable power generation, storage and grid connection, transmission and distribution, and regulatory services.

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