AcetewAGL has announced the launch of its evEnergy Saver Plan, which is set to offer electric vehicle (EV) owners discounted rates, 200 hours of free home charging and more. 

The evEnergy Saver Plan is part of ActewAGL’s greater goal to support a smooth transition to EVs by providing support at all stages of the EV transition, including finding a car, financing and charging solutions.

With one in five new cars registered in the Australian Capital Territory as an EV, the introduction of an EV-specific energy plan is set to help the growing community of owners to further optimise the value of their investment with attractive energy rates and benefits.

With an evEnergy Saver Plan, customers can access discounted rates, receive 200 hours of free weekend charging and maintain full flexibility with no lock-in contracts. In addition, the plan works with all EVs and chargers – there are no set charger requirements.

While there are no set charger requirements, ActewAGL encourages EV owners to engage a qualified electrician to install a home charger and a smart meter, should they not already have one, to ensure a safe and quality charging experience.

ActewAGL’s online evHub enables customers to find, finance and charge EVs. Through the online evFind service in partnership with Vyro, customers can purchase new and used vehicles from a range of different manufacturers. 

AcetewAGL Retail General Manager, Rachael Turner, said that the evEnergy Plan will help its customers with the transition towards electric vehicles. 

“Canberra already has one of the highest rates of EV ownership in the country, and this trend will only continue as the community moves towards net zero emissions. The latest addition to our dedicated evHub, our new evEnergy Saver Plan is just one of the many innovative ways we are simplifying the transition to EVs for our customers.”

To support the ACT Government’s legislated target to achieve net zero emissions by 2045, ActewAGL has also committed to helping one in four households to switch to an electric vehicle by 2030. In addition, ActewAGL was recently awarded the Zero Emissions Early Movers category for their work in progressing electric vehicle (EV) uptake in the Canberra region with their evHub at the 2023 Climate Choices Business Awards.

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