Electric vehicle charging station

ARENA is providing $6 million to help Chargefox develop 21 ultra-rapid charging stations powered by renewable energy for electric vehicles long the major driving routes from Brisbane to Adelaide, including around Sydney and Melbourne, and separately in Western Australia.

The $15 million network is expected to have no more than 200km between stations, which is within the range of current electric vehicles.

The ultra-rapid charge will provide a range of up to 400km in just fifteen minutes, compared to a current charging time of several hours.

The stations will be open to the public and all electric vehicle models currently sold in Australia.

Euroa in Victoria and Barnawartha North, outside Albury Wodonga on the New South Wales-Victorian border, will be the first sites for the charging stations.

The network will help open up interstate travel and regional communities to the potential of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles have the potential to lower transport costs, enhance fuel security, and increasingly create more sustainable cities with less pollution and better health outcomes for our communities.


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