The trial for Horizon Power’s first multi-function utility-grade energy storage system, which will be used to supply energy to Carnarvon in Western Australia, has begun.

The batteries arrived in early 2017, and after undergoing months of extensive testing and commissioning are now in active service, as part of a 12-month trial.

The two large battery storage units are capable of delivering up to two megawatts of power for one hour and are being housed in sea containers at the Mungullah Power Station.

During the 12-month trial, the batteries will primarily be tested and used to optimise spinning reserve backup and to store energy when renewable output is at its highest.

It is expected that the trial will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings in fuel and maintenance costs because the use of gas, diesel and generators to provide spinning reserve can be significantly reduced.

The outcomes of the trial will help Horizon Power determine how to optimise the utilisation of battery technology to further its microgrid capabilities.

Western Australia Energy Minister, Ben Wyatt, said the project was an excellent example of the collaboration between the State Government and industry to deliver innovative and renewable solutions for the community in the long term.

“This is an incredibly innovative project which will present multiple opportunities in the renewable and distributed energy space into the future,” Mr Wyatt said. 

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