Ergon Energy crews have restored power to all electrically safe properties affected by the devastating floods in the Townsville region.

At the height of the disaster floodwaters cut power to more than 17,000 homes and businesses, as well as taking a toll on Ergon equipment.

The floodwaters not only severely damaged major components of the city’s power network, they filled vital electrical equipment in affected suburbs with mud and silt, all of which needed to be spotlessly cleaned before being reenergised.

Ergon’s Executive General Manager for Distribution, Paul Jordon, praised his troops for their tireless work and commended the resilience, understanding and support received from the Townsville community.

“For our crews, this restoration effort has been dirty, muddy and, in many cases extremely challenging, but they are all coming back to the depot each day saying that helping the community has been extremely rewarding,” Mr Jordon said.

“Every day and night our crews have been out there draining, cleaning, drying and repairing the network, and the community has been understanding throughout the process, recognising that the power cannot be restored until it is absolutely safe to do so.

“I personally want to say a big thanks to every one of our local staff and those who have travelled from every corner of the state to get the job done.

“I’d also like to sincerely thank the community for welcoming our staff and remaining patient while they worked around the clock to reconnect their properties.”

Since the clean-up began Ergon crews supported by Energex staff have:

  • Restored power to 17,000 customers
  • Assessed, cleaned and repaired all the city’s inundated substations
  • Assessed, cleaned and/or repaired nearly 1700 pillar boxes
  • Assessed, cleaned and repaired around 180 padmount transformers and high voltage switchgear
  • Replaced two damaged padmount transformers
  • Replaced two switching stations
  • Replaced four poles

Right now the only properties that remain without power are either severely damaged or awaiting repairs to make them safe to reenergise.

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