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Investing in a high-quality, durable energy storage system is a no-brainer, and new CEC-certified lithium iron phosphate batteries have landed exclusively to one Australian and New Zealand distributor offering an all-in-one solution.

The latest addition to R&J Batteries’ growing portfolio of high quality and technologically advanced products is Koyoe Energy. Koyoe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) energy storage batteries have been specifically developed to provide high performance, longevity and safety in both residential and commercial settings. R&J Batteries is the exclusive distributor of Koyoe Energy in Australia and New Zealand.

Experienced innovators

Koyoe Energy and its subsidiary, Australian New Energy Technology (ANE), have a combined experience of over 40 years in the energy sector. They take pride in their R&D capabilities and are committed to the continuous innovation of energy storage technology.

Koyoe Energy and ANE manufactures a range of high-quality energy storage solutions that meet the needs of households, businesses and industries. “It is exciting to be able to offer a product of the quality of Koyoe, which ticks all the boxes.

This product covers all facets of energy storage from residential to commercial and industrial. It can be used in off-grid and on-grid applications. This is a product which will appeal to the whole market,” Justin Skaines, R&J Batteries Energy Storage Manager said.

R&J Batteries Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Hamilton, said R&J Batteries prides itself on partnering with the best manufacturers from around the world.

“Koyoe is no exception. The Koyoe range of lithium products and inverters is a wonderful addition to our ever growing portfolio. We are delighted to be Koyoe’s distributor across Australia and New Zealand.”

The one solution

A standout product from the Koyoe range is the All-in-One Solution. Developed specifically for residential and small commercial energy storage needs, the Allin-One Solution offers scalability, longevity and reliability.

One of the main features of the All-in-One Solution is its modular design. Each module can be removed, purchased or installed individually compared to competitor products in the market which require maintenance of the entire unit.

The All-in-One energy storage system is available in single phase 5kw inverter with 10kWh storage and three phase 10kw inverter with 20kWh storage options for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Accredited technology

Koyoe energy storage batteries have backing from some of Australia’s most trusted organisations. It has gained CEC certification from the Clean Energy Council which enables the batteries to be included in Federal and State-based home energy storage schemes such as Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Program and the Home Battery Scheme in South Australia.

All these highlight Koyoe’s commitment to building a cleaner future through greater access to renewable resources.

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by R&J Batteries. For more information about Koyoe Energy products, please visit Alternatively, get in touch with R&J Batteries’ Energy team on 1300 769 282 to discuss your unique energy storage needs

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