Renewable power generation and grid instability are currently the most talked about issues from both sides of politics with energy storage flagged as a big part of the solution. The ongoing discussion highlights the need for an alternative to traditional diesel powered generators.

The rapid uptake of batteries in grid and stand-alone remote generating applications is leading the energy storage charge, with alternative pathways such as wave energy and pumped hydro getting more exposure as the discussions intensify.

One significant energy storage pathway that seems to be underestimated is bioenergy. Organic matter is actually natures form of energy storage – photosynthesis stores the sun’s energy to be used when required.

Taking animal fats, vegetable oils and oilseeds to create locally produced heavy biofuel has the potential to deliver effective and reliable renewable power generation. Heavy biofuels can be biodiesel, biodiesel variants or straight heavy bio-oils that can be used successfully in base load generators.

Renewable Baseload Generators (RBG) is a newly established business that focuses on heavy biofuels as part of the solution to balance the energy mix by introducing a range of generators specifically designed for heavy biofuels.

RBG CEO, Danny Williams, said, “Australia currently exports billions of litres of waste cooking oils or farmed oil seeds so the opportunity is there to redirect this valuable resource to bolster our own national energy security.”

RBG has partnered with Staunch Machinery and several engine manufacturers to deliver a range of high-speed and low-speed heavy biofuel generators to offer customers and partners the ability to back their renewable assets or their off-grid power needs with 100 per cent renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral baseload generating options.

Biodiesel powered generators (high speed) are best suited to rapid response applications as used in behind-the-meter backup generators or for temporary power supply.

The large heavy bio-oil powered (low revving) generators are best suited to off-grid continuous applications or working with renewable generators such as wind and solar firming up any delivery shortfalls.

In conjunction with its sister company, Pro Green Biofuels, RBG can not only deliver the generating hardware, it can also deliver the fuels and the capability to manufacture, store and distribute locally to its customers and or partners so they can produce their own heavy bio-oils.

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