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Energy Networks Australia is delighted to be hosting its biennial event, Energy Networks Conference and Exhibition 2024 in Adelaide. Spanning three days from March 19-21 2024, EN2024 will bring together the energy sector’s best and brightest to share expertise and insights on navigating the energy transformation.

This event is a chance for energy networks, key stakeholders and industry partners to discuss the transformation of Australia’s 20th century grid so it can deliver energy and provide services and value the way consumers of the 21st century demand. It is designed to connect people from across the industry, providing opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.

This is the only conference and exhibition on the energy network event run by industry, for industry. This event provides unparalleled opportunities to create strong and enduring business relationships, network, collaborate, share ideas, be inspired and learn from one another.

Building on the work undertaken by ENA in its report, Energy Vision Networks delivering net zero, this event will showcase how energy networks will work together to deliver an affordable, secure, reliable and equitable net zero emissions energy system for the benefit of customers and community.

EN2024’s program will explore four key themes throughout the three-day conference and attempt to answer some of industry’s toughest questions.

Enabling the energy transformation

What is the critical role networks play in the decarbonisation of the economy, helping facilitate customer ambitions for a net zero economy? How are networks integrating renewable energy zones, customer energy resources and distributed generation in their networks while ensuring customers receive the best possible value?

In what ways are networks keeping the system affordable, secure and reliable through this transformation? What is gas’ role in this shift? How does hydrogen factor towards net zero? What is the role of digitalisation and AI to bring this about? What organisations do networks need to work with to help consumers manage changing risks?


How do networks remain resilient in the face of extreme weather events, cyberattacks, supply chain, price shock and other external factors? What are and should sustainability outcomes for energy businesses be? What investments should networks be making to build a resilient network? How do we recognise and strike the balance between the technical, social, environmental and economic needs to build a resilient network? Whilst networks grapple with building resilient networks, what is their role in supporting broader community resilience beyond simply keeping the power on?

Community and customers to enable the change

How are customers participating in and driving the energy transformation? How can networks help this process? Do networks engage and listen? What does best practice customer engagement look like for networks today? What does self-determination mean for all customers, including culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations communities? What steps are networks taking to ensure equity in access to and impacts of new infrastructure and technologies? How are networks implementing cost-of-living mitigation and affordability initiatives for their customers?

The future of energy

Will energy networks as we know them today exist in future? How will an energy sector with many new players doing different things be governed? Who or what will own the energy network of the future? What can Australian networks learn from other industries going through disruption? What does the future energy system workforce in 2070 look like? What is the role of regulation in enabling the future? With all these questions ahead, the Energy Networks Conference and Exhibition 2024 will certainly be full of important and industry discussions, so make sure you’re part of the conversation.


Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are still available but selling fast. Learn more here: www.en2024.com.au  Registrations are also open, with generous discounts available for group bookings.

Energy Magazine is a Media Partner of Energy Networks Conference and Exhibition 2024.

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