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As the new financial year kicks off, it is time to ensure your current superannuation is supporting your future plans.

Brighter Super has been supporting energy and electrical utility workers for over 40 years to reach their retirement dreams and is committed to doing this face-to-face as much as possible .

Brighter Super CEO, Kate Farrar, said while it’s a busy administrative time of year, people also need to plan ahead to ensure you are getting the most out of superannuation.

“We have been listening to what our industry members want and need, and one of those things was not to lose our personalised approach as we grow. We really listened and today have more than 40 consultants on the ground, more than any other superannuation, ready to meet members and support them on their retirement journey.”

Brighter Super has seen thousands of members in the last year, and there are the three C’s that they recommend all employees should consider at this time of year:

1. Check – that your retirement is on track by requesting a super health check with your super fund
2. Consolidate – find out if you’re paying fees on multiple accounts and discuss consolidation with your super fund
3. Contribute – Consider your budget and whether you are able to make additional contributions

A little planning now can go a long way to making 2024 a brighter financial year. Brighter Super is a proud Queensland not-for-profit fund, and with 259,000 members and $29 billion funds under management, it is also one of Queensland’s largest non-government financial institutions.

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by Brighter Super. To find out more visit www.brightersuper.com.au

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