Filling the gap between new wave technology coming out of Europe’s thriving biogas market and local energy users looking to harness the power of waste gas is Brisbane-based waste gas to energy specialists, Eneraque.

Eneraque’s state-of-the-art manufacturing hub is bursting with Australian manufactured waste gas to energy technology, propelling the sector to new heights.

Eneraque Director, Jeremy Pringle, said the APAC region is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the ‘biogas boom’, but not without critical consideration of the local climate and conditions, as well as relevant standards and regulatory requirements.

“Companies who have purchased off-the-shelf waste gas to energy technology overseas will usually find it needs to be re-engineered and re-built to deliver results and be compliant locally,” Jeremy said.

“These costs can often exceed the original investment, obliterate project timelines, and reduce outputs for years – even decades – after the project is completed, usually resulting in a complete rebuild.

“Our custom approach also allows us to integrate waste gas technologies into existing infrastructure.”

Eneraque’s waste gas to energy track record extends more than 40 years, with dozens of successful projects in the APAC region and multiple ‘region-first’ projects, including upgrading biogas to biomethane at Sydney Water’s Malabar Wastewater Resource Recovery Plant for injection into the Sydney gas grid.

This industry leadership allows Eneraque to deliver biogas technologies to an international standard, with the results of recent projects on par with Europe’s most successful biogas plants.

“Our portfolio includes a list of waste gas-to-energy projects for commercial applications including agriculture, food and beverage, landfill sites and wastewater management,” Jeremy said.

“Some projects are achieving a return on investment for our clients in as little as five years.”

Eneraque’s end-to-end service includes consultation, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a site – meaning the client can work with one local provider for the entire project.

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by Eneraque. To find out more about Eneraque’s end-to-end service at

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