Australian Energy Network awards smart grid

A new report from Energy Networks Australia aims to shed light on the new, innovative approaches being adopted by networks to make Australia’s energy grid smarter.

The document explores projects that are helping deliver a smarter grid to support the energy transformation to benefit consumers.

The report was formed by a compilation of entries to the 2019 Energy Networks Australia and Energy Consumers Australia Consumer Engagement Awards.

Energy Networks Australia CEO, Andrew Dillon, said while networks were not named on bills and customers did not pay them directly, they had significant face-to-face time with customers.

“When there’s an upgrade to the network, cutting back trees or repairing outages, our teams are communicating with customers and our crews are working on the ground,” Mr Dillon said.

“We are constantly striving to innovate to not only improve the value of the connections we supply, but also how we communicate important information to customers.

“This communication extends to involving customers in planning for the future grid and empowering them to have more control over their energy use.”

Mr Dillon said electricity and gas networks were the platforms enabling Australia’s low-emissions energy transition while keeping supplies safe, reliable and affordable.

“The evolving, smarter grid will offer significant benefits to customers, giving them more control over their energy use and allowing them to get maximum value from their investments in technology like solar and batteries and smart appliances.

“Critical to this process will be ensuring networks and customers continue to communicate, which is why Energy Networks Australia has partnered with Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) in delivering our annual awards and compiling this report.”

Energy Consumers Australia Interim CEO, Lynne Gallagher, said the relationship between energy consumers and energy companies had never been more important.

“The COVID-19 crisis reminds us of the value of deep and consistent engagement which builds trust and allows everyone to move forward even in the most difficult of circumstances,” Ms Gallagher said.

“We need to build on the deliberation and dialogue recognised in the Award to empower consumers through the energy transition and now, through economic recovery.”

Jemena won the 2019 Energy Networks Consumer Engagement Award in recognition of the gas network’s deliberative forum in NSW and its electricity network people’s panel in Victoria.

View the full report here. View more information on the Energy Network Industry Awards here

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