When designing a utility-scale solar energy project, one of the major decisions is whether to utilise a centralised or decentralised (string) inverter model. Both centralised and decentralised plant designs have their place, particularly in one to five megawatt applications; one is not better than the other.

However, the choice of inverter model is a decision that will have enormous consequences over the life of the plant in terms of cost, serviceability and availability of parts and expertise, particularly in the new business environment in which long supply chains are no longer desirable.

So, what do solar energy producers need to consider before deciding on a centralised or decentralised approach?

FIMER has developed a white paper looking at both solutions in the Australian and New Zealand market and the considerations required when selecting one over the other.

Download the free white paper now.

Delivering reliability, quality and expertise for your next project
With an outstanding set of credentials, FIMER is a highly bankable supplier delivering high-quality solar inverters and turnkey solutions for large utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) applications covering both high-powered three-phase string inverters and best-in-class indoor and outdoor central inverters.

Three-phase string inverters
FIMER offers the broadest portfolio of three-phase string inverters on the market, for photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in commercial, industrial and utility scale applications.

Thanks to their modularity and flexibility, FIMER inverters are the ideal solution for simplified system planning and design. The wide range of power ratings, up to 175kW, along with the possibility to install in either vertical horizontal position make them the brightest choice for any rooftop or ground-mounted solution.

Centralised inverters
FIMER’s PVS980 central inverters raise reliability, efficiency and ease of installation to new levels. The inverters are aimed at system integrators and end users who require high-performance solar inverters for large photovoltaic (PV) power plants. PVS980 central inverters are available from 1818kVA up to 5000kVA, and are optimised for cost-effective, multi-megawatt power plants.

FIMER is the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world. Specialising in solar inverters and mobility systems, it has over 1,100 employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications.

The team in Australia has a wealth of knowledge and experience and provides consulting, grid connection study service and support, commissioning, installation supervision, spare parts management and long-term service management.

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