An Australian business has revolutionised the way that machinery owners and operators manage the process of ensuring equipment is safe to use.

Managing the potential risks associated with using plant and equipment is extremely important, because the wellbeing of every operator, workmate and visitor on a worksite depends on it.

It also ensures business continuity which is important for owners, shareholders and suppliers. What started as a SQL database with an Access front end used to identify faults and compile risk assessments on plant and equipment being auctioned in Wagga Wagga, NSW, has now grown to become the world’s largest plant and equipment safety platform.

This cloud-based platform was a world first when launched in 2004 and has evolved to become the leading product of its type, now holding detailed safety and compliance data for more than 105,000 makes and models of plant and equipment.

Massive uptake in utilities sector

Plant Assessor is used by over 2000 businesses including machinery owners, hire companies, importers, distributors, dealers, local councils and auctioneers.

The energy industry has recently increased its adoption of technology at an exponential rate. It is also one of the largest users of machinery, with a large proportion of this machinery hired or provided by subcontractors and other third parties.

When it comes to major projects, the energy sector is also home to some of the most intense and demanding safety systems of any industry.

Plant Assessor delivers transparency around machine hours and condition, safety information, service status, pre-start history and more. It also allows easy sharing of this information with others which considerably reduces compliance cost whilst improving the quality of the information available.

Plant Assessor has seen a massive uptake by contractors across all tiers of the sector including larger subcontractors and sole traders. Major providers and contractors to the sector, including Origin Energy, Zinfra, Suez, ACTEW, Lend Lease, John Holland, BMD, Downer Group, BGC, Watpac and Fulton Hogan, are all using Plant Assessor.

Why it’s so widely used

Plant Assessor has proven to be extremely popular because it has set the benchmark for managing plant and machinery safety, whilst making it simpler and easier to manage. The machinery database is enormous, the software features useful, and the user interface is clean and simple so people find it extremely easy to use.

Plant Assessor is constantly updated with new machines, specifications, legislative and other requirements, so you are always up to date.

Making contractor management easier

Over the past few years, Plant Assessor has focused on making it easier for organisations to manage contractors, whilst also saving contractors time and money on compliance and fleet management.

This is done by sharing plant and other records between contractors and principals using sophisticated but easy-to-use site and subcontractor management functions.

Combine this with a low-cost “pay as you go” membership, and it is now practical and cost-effective for contractors of any size to invite their subcontractors to set up a Plant Assessor membership and add and share their machines and information.

The contractor benefits in a variety of ways, including free digital pre-starts for all their machines and operators, built in maintenance scheduling and record keeping, and a reduction in admin time in providing compliance information to clients.

The principal contractor benefits as the collection and review of compliance and other information is simpler and easier, and the principal contractor is quickly and simply able to make sure that every contractor has immediate and continuous access to the critical policy, procedure and site information.

This partner content is brought to you by Plant Assessor. If you’d like to know more about how Plant Assessor can help you manage machinery safety in your business, contact Plant Assessor on 1300 728 852 or visit

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