The first Tasmanian Energy Development Conference is being held in Devonport, and will explore Tasmania’s renewable energy potential to become the “battery of the nation”.

The Conference brings together experts and key stakeholders, creating opportunities with a focus on maximising benefits for Tasmanian communities and minimising the environmental impacts of generating electricity both here and across the National Energy Market.

The Battery of the Nation and Marinus projects, are expected to unlock multiple large scale renewable energy projects, injecting up to $5 billion into the Tasmanian economy, creating 2,000 local jobs and provide the state with a reliable long-term revenue source.

These initiatives are also intended to play a significant role keeping prices down and reducing the nation’s carbon emissions.

Minister for Energy, Guy Barnett, said investors are ready and waiting for the opportunity to produce low cost, reliable, clean, green renewable energy with enough projects to more than double Tasmania’s current power generation capacity.

The Federal Government is backing the State Government with a $56 million grant to fast-track delivery of the Marinus Link project, following the release of an initial feasibility report.

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