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A report analysing Tasmania’s energy security has revealed that the state is projected to maintain low levels of risk in the next year.

The independent Tasmanian Economic Regulator, acting as the monitor and assessor for energy security, has released the Energy in Tasmania Annual Security Review 2020-21.

The report reviews the most recent 12 month period, together with an assessment of the coming 12 month period.

The report notes that energy in storage levels were above the prudent storage level for all of the 2020-21 water year (November-October) and increased strongly in the second half of the year due to very high inflows into Hydro Tasmania’s dams.

Consequently, the monitor and assessor notes that risks to energy security over 2020-21 were very low.

Looking forward, the review states that Tasmania’s energy security rating is assessed as high throughout 2021-22, even in the unlikely event of a Basslink outage.

The monitor and assessor does not expect that Tasmania will face energy security issues related to the level of energy in storage in the 2021-22 water year.

The Tasmanian Government understands that energy security is an important issue and is proud that water storages are being well managed and the state is leading the country by generating 100 per cent of its electricity requirements from renewables.

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