The Tasmanian Government has confirmed that the first tranche of schools to receive new solar arrays under the $5 million Renewable Energy Schools Program will begin in early 2022.

The selection of this first group of schools delivers on the commitment made in the Tasmanian Government’s first 100 Day Plan, and forms part of a program which will install solar panels in over 100 Tasmanian schools over a four year period.

The intent of the Renewable Energy Schools Program is that the savings generated from the installation of solar panels at school sites will be captured and reinvested to fund further installations and sustainability improvements.

The initial list of schools includes those that do not currently have solar and have the highest energy consumption based on 2019-20 data, ensuring a good return on investment which can then be reinvested in the program.

The schools selected include:


  • New Town High School
  • Ogilvie High School
  • JRLF Senior School
  • Clarence High School
  • Southern Support School
  • Bayview Secondary College


  • Riverside High School
  • Prospect High School
  • Newstead College


  • Burnie High School
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