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A new joint cooperation agreement has been executed to support the development of green hydrogen projects and support decarbonising the heavy transport vehicle industry in Tasmania.

ReNu Energy has announced the execution of a Joint Cooperation Agreement between its subsidiary, Countrywide Hydrogen, and Smartavait Technologies, trading as 7R Logistics.

Countrywide Hydrogen is aiming to have three Tasmanian hydrogen refuelling sites strategically located near Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, allowing the State’s major transport routes to be covered by a network of refuelling stations. 

Hydrogen-powered trucks can deliver similar or better performance than diesel equivalents in terms of power output, torque, payload, refuelling time and range. Hydrogen-powered trucks are planned to be available in Australia to coincide with Countrywide’s first hydrogen production in Tasmania.

Under the terms of the Agreement: 

  1. Countrywide will develop its green hydrogen projects in Tasmania to supply certified green hydrogen to 7R Logistics for heavy vehicle road transport. The goal is to offer green hydrogen at a competitive price compared to diesel
  2. 7R Logistics will support Countrywide by offering zero-emissions heavy vehicle transport options to its customers, utilising fuel cell electric vehicles and exclusively purchasing green hydrogen from Countrywide
  3. Both parties will collaborate to promote a transition to zero-emissions (ZE) road transport and expand ZE options for companies seeking to achieve their emissions reduction targets

7R Logistics (previously known as BLU Logistics) is a national heavy vehicle transport company catering to some of the largest food and dairy companies in Australia. 

ReNu Energy Executive Director and Countrywide Managing Director, Geoffrey Drucker, said the partnership with 7R Logistics will help to promote the benefits of, and fast track the development of, green hydrogen projects in Tasmania. 

“To help achieve this, we are calling for support where possible from the State Government to help enable the transition to zero-emissions road transport. With government support, together we can promote the commitment to zero emissions road transport, while actively encouraging and supporting others in the road transport industry to transition to zero emissions,” Mr Drucker said.

7R Logistics Managing Director, Tim Jensen said, “With so many Australian companies announcing their emissions reductions targets, there is a strong appetite among them to secure freight services that offer a zero-emissions alternative. 

“We are pleased to be partnering with Countrywide to work on offering our customers and others a critically fast-refuelling hydrogen fuel cell electric option.”

The executed agreement is a non-binding strategic framework for the parties to work collaboratively and that is intended to be converted into definitive arrangements as Countrywide’s projects progress.

The agreement may expand to other states in the future. 

Tasmanian Premier, Guy Barnett said, “Our green hydrogen vision, set out in our Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan, is for Tasmania to be a global leader in large scale green hydrogen production by 2030.

“We are working with hydrogen proponents, hydrogen support partners and our government businesses to help make this a reality.

“We have also been partnering with the Federal Government, and industry, to develop Bell Bay as a national green hydrogen hub.”

Mr Barnett congratulated Countrywide Hydrogen on the agreement with transport operator 7R Logistics/Blu Logistics.

“We know that road transport accounts for about 20 per cent of Tasmania’s emissions, so anything that can reduce those emissions is good for Tasmania and good for the planet,” Mr Barnett said.

“Countrywide has already announced that it is aiming to have three strategically placed green hydrogen refuelling sites near Launceston, Burnie and Hobart and hydrogen fuel cell trucks are expected to be available in Australia in the near future.

“Tasmania is leading the nation with our 100 per cent self-sufficiency in renewable energy, and our legislated target of 200 per cent by 2040.”

Mr Barnett said partnerships like this between Countrywide Hydrogen and 7R will further enhance Tasmania’s renewables credentials.

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