Hydrogen refuelling station

Woodside Energy has received $10 million of in-kind funding from the Western Australian Government for its proposed @H2Perth project, which will deliver hydrogen vehicles for commercial use in the Rockingham Industry Zone.

In total, $20 million will be spent on hydrogen fuel cell trucks and hydrogen refuelling, production and storage infrastructure.

The project will support the early adoption of hydrogen vehicles by BGC and Centurion, who are collaborating with Woodside Energy.

BGC will purchase and operate five to ten hydrogen fuel cell concrete agitator trucks, while Centurion will purchase and operate two hydrogen prime movers. Woodside Energy also plans to lease and refuel two Hyundai Nexo vehicles at the refuelling facility.

Woodside Energy’s public refuelling station is expected to be operational in the second half of 2024, subject to necessary approvals.

Once operational, the project is expected to produce around 235kg of hydrogen per day, with the potential to scale up to a targeted 800kg of hydrogen per day and supply more than 50 vehicles.

Woodside Energy proposes to generate hydrogen using a two megawatt electrolyser, powered by renewable energy from the South West Interconnected System. Where required, Woodside Energy will also utilise Renewable Energy Certificates.

The Hydrogen Refueller @H2Perth project was selected from more than 20 expressions of interest submitted for the Western Australian Government’s Hydrogen Fuelled Transport Program, which aims to accelerate uptake of hydrogen fuelled transport, build local skills and capability, and stimulate local production of renewable hydrogen.

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