Soltec keeps leading the way by committing to distributed generation. The company has just launched Solarfighter, an innovative product that should pave the way for the Spanish company to impact the Australian market. Solarfighter is the first all-in-one kit for distributed generation projects of photovoltaic tracking of up to 12MW. 

Soltec, leading international firm in the manufacture and supply of solar trackers, has once again proven its leadership in photovoltaic innovation with the launch of Solarfighter, which is the first complete kit comprised of product and comprehensive service to ensure successful commissioning of distributed generation projects of photovoltaic tracking of up to 12MW.

With this move, Soltec intends to make its vast knowledge and experience available to the small power plant segment, allowing clients to benefit from equipment used in larger photovoltaic plants.

Distributed generation has gained a significant position in the solar energy market, partly due to its advantages compared to other forms of power generation such as self-consumption, being quite intuitive for end consumers who enjoy cheap and reliable energy in a simple manner. It also improves electrical supply quality and reliability, and contributes to cost savings.

Solarfighter provides the marketplace with the advantages of distributed generation together with state-of-the-art photovoltaic tracking technology. One of the most interesting features of this new service is that it makes installation much easier, thus cutting out negotiations with intermediaries. Materials are stored locally to speed up the supply and commissioning of plant equipment. Furthermore, Soltec collaborates with local installers who are certified and experienced, thus ensuring installation quality and fostering local employment.

Technology installed by Soltec on Solarfighter overcomes potential project challenges and is resistant to adverse weather conditions. This includes the SF7 solar tracker, with up to seven configurations that guarantee adaption to all terrain and weather conditions.

Soltec has vast experience and leadership in countries known for their environmental commitment and energy transition policies, such as Brazil, Chile, US and Australia.

With the launch of Solarfighter in Australia, Soltec continues to prove its commitment to a country where it began operations in 2017 and carried out its first 70MW photovoltaic project in 2018 together with the company Biosar.

Australia: symbol of renewable energies and example of distributed generation

Australia, cradle of renewable energies, grew at a per-capita rate that was ten-fold of the world average in 2019 and nearly three-fold that of Germany, second in the list. According to the Clean Energy Australia 2021 report by the Clean Energy Council, 2020 was another record year for Australia’s renewable industry.

Distributed generation is starting to be competitive compared to large power plants in Australia, a country with an increasingly larger decentralised grid and whose generation also comes from small plants, as well as from millions of households and businesses.

A reflection of how important distributed generation is becoming in Australia was the release in March 2020 of the DER (Distributed Energy Resources) Registry by the country’s Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The aim of this registry is to provide operators with a complete overview of the installed capacity of grid-connected systems, thus facilitating an understanding of resource performance and response to extreme weather and power blackouts. 

This should allow AEMO to better manage grid power supply through distributed generation, whose demand in Australia is expected to grow and reach up to 45 per cent of the country’s power generation capacity by 2050. In this context, Soltec’s entry into distributed generation with its product Solarfighter marks the beginning of a new road which the company is travelling on to become a key distributed generation player in Australia.

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