Soltec, a leading global supplier and manufacturer of solar trackers, has launched its new SFOne tracker. With this new tracker in 1P and dual-row configuration, the company expands its portfolio and responds to the needs of all its customers.

“Investment in renewable energy has withstood the effects of the global pandemic, in contrast to other sectors of the energy economy where we have seen unprecedented volatility,” Albert Cheung, head of analysis at BNEF, said.

Indeed, renewables are at a pivotal moment, with an ambitious future ahead and strong growth prospects. In short, photovoltaic energy is positioned as one of the most promising clean energies. 

According to IHS Markit’s Climate and Clean Technologies report for the period 2021-2025, one out of every two dollars of the $1.3 trillion to be invested in renewables by 2025, will be spent on solar PV projects.

In this sense, the race to lead the energy transition has led worldwide known companies such as Soltec to constantly promote innovation with a firm commitment to society and the environment. 

Soltec has been committed to renewable energies for more than 17 years through its specialisation in photovoltaic solar energy. It is currently one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of photovoltaic trackers and has a presence in 16 countries. 

In order to continue responding to the demands of the market and all its customers, the company launched its latest dual-row 1P tracker configuration, the SFOne, in June 2021.

“The idea of launching the new SFOne on the market responds to the need to offer the best service to our customers, with a broad portfolio that provides solutions that adapt to their needs and the terrain of the projects,” Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec Power Holdings, said. 

“The new tracker consolidates our product portfolio, providing flexibility and versatility, and at the same time, offering the quality guarantee of Soltec technology.”

The SFOne represents the innovation that is part of Soltec’s DNA. The SFOne counts with the Full-Wireless system, one of the most innovative on the market. It also features state-of-the-art Dy-Wind technology, which presents the most advanced methodology for the design of wind-resistant structures, adaptable to a wide range of terrains and environments, and the Diffuse Booster system for low-light conditions. 

The tracker has a single-axis, dual-row configuration and is designed for modules from 72 to 78 cells. It provides greater ease of installation, which speeds up the plant construction process, reducing the time spent on its development by 75 per cent.

The company already launched the SA Series tracker with 1P multi-cell configuration in 2009.

After this product, Soltec has continued innovating in solar tracking and specialized in 2P trackers. After a whole cycle of innovation in 2P, Soltec wanted to go back to the 1P configuration, joining every two rows, in order to expand its portfolio and respond to the needs of its customers and the market.

In addition to the innovation that has made Soltec a leader in its sector, its commitment to the environment is another of its pillars in the race for energy transition. For this reason, SFOne Soltec offers the possibility of minimising imported components for their manufacturing in each country where projects are developed through Soltec factories. Therefore, helping reduce the carbon footprint.

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