One of the country’s most advanced renewable energy training facilities will be delivered by RACV Solar, in collaboration with the Holmesglen Institute, to deliver high quality solar training to Victorian TAFEs. 

Solar systems generating over 1 million KW hours of energy each year and commercial battery storage will be installed across Holmesglen’s Moorabbin and Drummond Street (Chadstone) campuses in Victoria.

The Victorian Government provided $2.1 million in funding for Holmesglen, one of Victoria’s largest TAFEs, to install this array of renewable and energy efficiency technologies across the two sites. 

RACV Solar installed the solar panels and battery storage system so learners can safely access the installations in order to gain an understanding of the correct installation and setup of a commercial-sized renewable energy system. 

This will ensure learners undertaking the programs will receive hands-on experience on large-scale commercial projects, with access to industry experts and the best possible training.

RACV Solar is an Industry Adviser to Holmesglen’s Renewable Energy programs, offered as part of the electrical apprenticeship training. 

Holmesglen’s three programs: Working Safely in the Solar Industry’, ‘Design and Install Grid Connect PV Systems’ and ‘Grid Connected PV with Battery Storage’, are taught at the Moorabbin campus’ Renewable Energy Centre for Excellence.

Holmesglen’s Associate Director of Energy and Infrastructure, Dr Ross Digby, said, “These programs deliver accredited, high quality, industry-based training that equips electrical apprentices and qualified electricians to work in the growing renewable energy sector.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with RACV Solar, who have provided much-needed equipment, industry advice and who are also a future employer for our apprentices.”

As part of the installation, a section of car park at the Moorabbin campus will be roofed and a large solar array installed along with electric vehicle charging stations in August 2021. 

Andy McCarthy, CEO of RACV Solar, said the burgeoning renewable energy sector offered many employment opportunities for young people and that these would only increase as more and more people switched to solar power.

“These programs will not only equip young people for the jobs of the future but demonstrate RACV Solar and Holmesglen Institute’s commitment to helping Victoria achieve its renewable energy targets by 2030,” Mr McCarthy said.

“We’re also excited to see that the solar industry is attracting a diverse group of young apprentices, students and career changers. There are no barriers to a fulfilling career in solar!” 

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